Fair trade philosophy

Sello FairTrade

Because Fair Trade has been growing sustainably and continously in recent years. Recently the demand has grown in the European markets (France, United Kingdom, Portugal and Italy).


Since our cooperative is always attentive to needs of these markets or due to we have more and more exclusive and elaborated products outstanding by quality and price, we are living a promising perspective of growth and improvement.


What so far a small-scaled distribution targeted to small-scale establishments in BIO, dietary, bars and restaurants and small supermarkets, has become a distribution organized in central stores, which operates the mainstream market sensitizing it in order to expand Fair Trade products.


The Fairtrade seal on our products guarantees that producers on origin satisfy the FairTrade standards:

  • Producers organized in cooperatives or other forms of participation, which make decisions democratically
  • Rejection of child exploitation
  • Gender equity in wages, labor rights and participation
  • Respect for the Environment, without GMOs or synthetic chemicals or other chemicals harmful to people and nature
  • Quality products
  • Dignified labor conditions
  • Prices and wages that value product quality
  • Pre-financing of purchases
  • Payment of a social premium for the community
  • Reduction of middle-men and short term relations
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