CEPICAFÉ is a cooperative that was founded on March 26, 1995 and nowadays it agglutinates 7,015 producers, having the General Assembly 88 members.


Their head plant is located in the Piura, region of the northwest of the country, but nowadays they are working in a wider area, which includes three regions of the country: in the Piura region they are in 15 districts of the highland provinces of Ayabaca, Morropón and Huancabamba; In the Cajamarca region they are in the provinces of Jaen and San Ignacio and finally in the Amazon region they are in Utcubamba and Bagua.


They work since 1996 as Fair Trade certified producers. The product they started with was coffee, followed by sugar (panela), jams, cocoa, etc. Among all the products that CEPICAFE sells, 90% is coffee and the 70% of this production is sold to the Fair Trade market, a percentage which is pleasantly high.


With the additional income obtained by the sales of fair trade, in 2006 they could pay for technical assitance to producers and scholarships for their children. In addition, the Fair Trade for small producers allows to have a price that covers the expenses of the production, and to access to better living conditions.


Products: coffee, cocoa, panela sugar BIO and FLO.


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